WR advises on catalytic converter theft policy

Aug 25, 2022
Written by WR Communications

The Legislature passed a catalytic converter theft bill this past session to stem the growing number of crimes. WR supported the bill prime sponsored by Rep. Cindy Ryu (D-32nd District – Shoreline.)

The Washington State University Division of Governmental Studies and Services was selected to conduct an assessment and make recommendations to the Legislature this fall. WR has been invited to serve on the advisory committee for this work.

The goal is to describe the nature of the problem and review existing state laws related to these crimes, including national efforts. The advisory committee will then determine what is working and what needs improvement and offer options to deter theft and reduce impacts on victims of theft.

The workgroup will also examine creating a model pilot program and the estimated cost of administration.

Catalytic converter thefts impact individuals and businesses alike. Thieves steal these items from delivery trucks and rental vehicles, often rendering them inoperable. Unfortunately, many WR members, employees, and customers have been victims. Potential recommendations presented will need to carefully consider and protect law-abiding businesses such as metal recyclers, that operate in the industry.

WR appreciates the Legislature putting a much-needed focus on this growing problem and looks forward to supporting solutions that help address the issue.


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