Seattle City Attorney Ann Davison releases positive progress report

Aug 25, 2022
Written by WR Communications

Last week, Seattle City Attorney Ann Davison released a 50-page report detailing her office’s significant strides over the previous eight months. The report says the department is making quicker filing decisions and prosecuting misdemeanors more often.

In a statement last week, Davison said she was proud of the results of this approach so far. “Since taking office, I have been committed to re-centering victims in the public safety system in Seattle, and the data in this report proves that we are making significant progress in delivering on this promise,” Davison said.

The report said the median time to make a filing decision in criminal cases took over four months between 2017-2021. Since taking on the city attorney role a year ago, Davison said her office reduced filing times by 98%, bringing misdemeanor charges down from 129 days to just 3.

Davison’s office credited the Seattle Police Department and the community for increasing efficiency and better reporting stating there has been a 124 percent increase in cases filed.

The report also indicated the department is:

  • Improving victim participation in cases and reducing the number of cases declined or dismissed as a result (69% drop in cases declined due to victim/witness non-cooperation);
  • Decreasing the overall number of cases declined from almost 48% (2017-21) to 37%, and,
  • Continuing to reduce the 5,000-case backlog leftover from the prior administration.


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