Port of Everett in the midst of massive development undertaking

Aug 25, 2022
Written by WR Communications

Formed in 1918, the more than century-old Port of Everett acts as the economic heartbeat of Snohomish County. Its international seaport is Washington’s third largest container port, and cargo activity there supports more than $21 billion in annual trade value, ranking Everett’s exports customs district 2nd largest in the state. It also operates the largest public marina on the West Coast with 2,300 slips. Currently, Port operations support 40,000 jobs in the region and contribute $433 million in state & local taxes—but more is coming. Much more.

The Port of Everett is modernizing its working waterfront area to increase its efficiency and capacity. 2021 saw an increase of over 400% in container volume year-over-year and opening of the new 40-acre Norton Terminal will take place in late-November. The most significant changes, however, are coming to the Port’s adjacent recreational waterfront area at Waterfront Place.

In the massive expanse of property encircling the private boat moorage slips, a tapestry of hotels with over 264 rooms and 266 new apartment homes has emerged. This adds a new marketplace – the first time in history the Port has had housing on the waterfront.

In the center of it all a new hub of new mixed-use is in the works, including, among others, two new areas of destination retail dubbed the “Wine Walk” and “Restaurant Row” that will connect Marina Village, where Anthony’s Restaurants, Lombardi’s Italian and the new -Everett Yacht Club are located, to Fisherman’s Harbor at the center of Waterfront Place.

When complete, the project will offer retail shopping and numerous restaurants pleasing nearly every palate with offerings ranging from hamburgers and ice cream to high-end seafood, steakhouses and even international flare, including dim sum. The new “Wine Walk” will add a cluster of 8 to 9 tenants, including wineries, distilleries, and craft brewers with water views and among “a big, beautiful park-like setting.”

Everett has partnered with The Shuster Group to provide the initial capital to develop the retail portions of the project.

Lisa Lefeber, Port of Everett CEO, says, “It’s a destination where families can come and spend the day. There’s a children’s place with activities and a water feature where parents can sit out in front and have a glass of wine. Others can come off their boats and enjoy a glass of wine with their fellow boaters. It is meant to be a community hub that has the benefit of lots of wonderful local Washington wineries.”

The Port also owns Jetty Island, the largest and warmest sandy beach in Puget Sound. Lefeber explains, “We run seasonal ferry service here in the summer, and it serves about 50,000 people each summer. That is open now. We also have Food Truck Fridays out at the boat launch. We call it launch and lunch.”

Outdoor dining options, housing and hospitality, commercial mix-used and new high-quality public spaces, including a planned outdoor performance venue will make the Port’s massive development into a true regional destination, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2026.


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