Value Based Business Practices

We are trustworthy, act in good faith and are transparent and honest in all of our work. Our members expect this of us and we agree they should. Though we have well-defined missions, we are approachable and welcome working with those who oppose our views. We believe that fruitful discussions of the issues result in the best outcomes.

Though our expertise resulted from lessons of the past, we’re always looking ahead to identify emerging trends and challenges facing the retail industry. Knowing where retail is headed helps us to make the best decisions today.

We strive to be visionary. Though much of our work addresses near-term challenges, we also think about the long-term, big picture outcomes of all of our work. We value combining the energy and needs of our members in our pledge to lead proactively and strategically.

The longevity of many of our staff members allows us to draw on a deep bank of knowledge and experiences. Our members expect us to be an always-on resource of information to answer their questions and address their challenges. We aim to respond in a timely manner and pledge to follow through to measurable outcomes that reduce risks and save our members time and money.