We take initiative

As issues demand and evolve, Washington Retail goes beyond its core mission with targeted initiatives to help the membership. Our involvement in Seattle politics gives retailers large and small a stronger voice with the City Council while our annual Careers in Retail promotion links job seekers with new and emerging career opportunities.

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) Principles

As our country has responded to racial tension and social unrest, retailers across the nation responded with renewed commitment to the causes of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI).

Our board led JEDI task force has been meeting over the past several months to open-up dialogue and discuss priorities and future actions. One of the initial outcomes has been the adoption of a renewed statement of the association’s commitment to these important principles.

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Retail Coalition of Seattle

The Washington Retail Association has expanded its outreach with a new emphasis on Seattle politics and the debates and decisions of the City Council. The laws and regulations approved at City Hall not only affect hundreds of retailers across the city.

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NRF Foundation RISE Up program

Learn about the NRF Foundation RISE Up program.

The retail industry is America’s largest private-sector employer, offering first jobs, second chances, and lifelong careers to millions of people every day.

But employers are challenged to find the workers they need. That’s where the NRF Foundation’s RISE Up training and credential program is making a huge difference, preparing people with the skills that retailers want in an industry that is a great place to start and a great place to grow.

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We Card

Washington Retail is proud to be co-promoting the We Card education and training program on the 25th anniversary of the education and training program.

Convenience stores, grocers and other retailers follow the program to train sales associates in the skills they need to legally deny alcohol, tobacco and vaping products to underage youth and minors. Governor Inslee has proclaimed September as We Card Awareness Month.  We are joined by the Washington Food Industry Association and the Northwest Grocery Association in raising awareness about this important program.

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