The Future of Retail: A deep dive into the OfferUp® Recommerce Report 2023

Jan 18, 2024
Written by WR Communications


The 2023 OfferUp® Recommerce Report unveils a significant shift in the retail landscape, with a growing emphasis on recommerce, extending beyond traditional clothing to a wide array of categories. This trend is marked by a notable 77% of secondhand transactions occurring in diverse sectors such as electronics, furniture, and auto parts, indicating a broad change in consumer preferences.

A key driver of this shift is the convenience and user-friendliness of online resale platforms, which are increasingly preferred over both traditional e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. These platforms are not only facilitating easier access to a variety of goods but are also perceived as more convenient than social media shopping channels.

The acceptance of secondhand items as holiday gifts is also on the rise, with a significant portion of consumers open to giving and receiving such gifts. This trend is largely fueled by economic motivations, as shoppers seek to find better deals and stay within budget, especially in the face of rising retail prices.

In addition, the report highlights a 27% increase in the number of recommerce sellers from the previous year, underscoring a growing interest in both the buying and selling of secondhand goods. This expansion is not just confined to the U.S. but is also evident in European markets.

Overall, the OfferUp® Recommerce Report 2023 points to a future retail environment increasingly influenced by sustainable, diverse, and consumer-centric practices, driven by the evolving preferences and motivations of consumers towards recommerce.


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