National movement grows to tackle Organized Retail Crime

Jan 18, 2024
Written by WR Communications


A nationwide push to combat organized retail crime (ORC) is gaining momentum in the United States, with Governors Kathy Hochul of New York and Gavin Newsom of California at the current forefront of this effort. ORC, characterized by highly coordinated theft operations, poses a significant threat to businesses, employees, and communities, prompting a united response to address the issue.

Traditionally, political parties have followed distinct approaches to criminal justice, with Republicans favoring stricter penalties and Democrats focusing on addressing underlying causes of crime like poverty and inequality. However, recent developments suggest a shift, as both parties unite to combat ORC.

Governor Hochul’s plan includes legislation targeting those involved in ORC, online marketplaces, and third-party sellers contributing to the sale of stolen goods. Strengthening penalties for assaults on retail employees and creating two specialized task forces to dismantle organized retail theft rings and address smash-and-grab robberies are central to her strategy. Hochul also calls for increased funding for state police departments and district attorney’s offices and proposes a tax credit to incentivize business owners to enhance store security.

Governor Newsom in California has allocated $1.1 billion over four years to enhance “safety and security,” with a significant portion dedicated to combating organized retail theft. This includes grants for law enforcement agencies and support for district attorney’s offices. Newsom’s legislative proposals aim to target repeat offenders and professional thieves through increased penalties, modifications to the state penal code, and empowering law enforcement to arrest theft suspects.

Beyond state initiatives, at least nine states, including six in 2023, have passed laws imposing harsher penalties for organized retail crime offenses, signaling a national movement against this issue. However, questions remain about the effectiveness of punitive measures and their potential impact on marginalized groups.

Governors Hochul and Newsom’s joint efforts signal a potential turning point in the fight against organized retail crime in the United States, challenging established party norms and fostering a critical debate on effective strategies to combat ORC while ensuring community safety.


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