WR supports catalytic converter theft solutions

Jan 18, 2024
Written by WR Communications


Mark Johnson, Sr. VP of Policy and Government Affairs weighed in on House Bill 2153, addressing catalytic converter thefts, prime sponsored by Rep. Cindy Ryu (D-32).  The legislation seeks to increase penalties for those dealing in stolen catalytic converters and to have them marked, making them less attractive to thieves and easier for law enforcement to trace.

WR members, their customers, and employees are plagued with catalytic converter thefts of both their company and personal vehicles.  When a vehicle loses its converter, it renders it inoperable.  Not only is the victim out the cost of replacing the converter if they don’t have comprehensive insurance, but they are also out the time lost waiting for repair and the value of vehicle use for business and personal activities, such as deliveries, picking up parts, or transporting goods.  Particularly hard hit are smaller retailers that may only have one or two delivery vehicles.   Families with one car are also at a significant disadvantage when taking their children to school or traveling to and from work.  These thefts are very disruptive.

HB 2153 will significantly deter these crimes and hopefully allow law enforcement and prosecutors to hold the thieves committing these crimes accountable.  The legislation has received broad bi-partisan and stakeholder support.

One helpful provision that the Catalytic Converter Theft Task Force suggested was the establishment of a victims’ fund to help defray the costs to small businesses and low-income individuals who suffer from these crimes.

WR encourages the legislature to approve  HB 2153 and thanks Rep. Ryu for bringing it forward.


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