Retail Doctor addresses store cleanliness

Sep 10, 2020
Written by wpengine

A new study by Mystery Shoppers found that retailers aren’t doing a good enough job of cleaning and sanitizing stores to win customers back during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a blog by the retail consultant Bob Phibbs.

During in-store visits to 6,000 retailers across the U.S., Mystery Shoppers found that 64% had no staff actively cleaning high traffic areas such as carts, baskets, counters, credit-card readers, doors and demos.

The Retail Doctor Phibbs recommended that store employees clean when shoppers can see it as reinforcement that the company is committed to sanitizing. He also offered some tips on how to communicate to employees the need to keep stores clean:

  • Make clear what you consider to be clean.
  • Make sure employees know where cleaning materials are, how to use them and where to store them.
  • You must inspect what you expect.
  • Clean the restrooms only when you are sure they are empty. Clean areas of the store when customers are not close by, so as not to impede their shopping, but make sure you stick to regular cleaning schedules. Spray product on the surface to be cleaned and use a microfiber cloth, making sure to cover every surface. Leave it on for the required amount of time (check the back of the bottle) before wiping it off.

Stand back and check at least three places to make sure you cleaned them well enough. Put the cleaning supplies where you found them and if using disposable gloves, discard them.