Washington Policy Center rolls out “Free Markets Destroy” campaign

Sep 10, 2020
Written by wpengine

What exactly is a free market?

The Washington Policy Center aims to educate and engage on this topic with its groundbreaking campaign called “Free Markets Destroy.” The campaign illustrates how a free market system actually benefits society by “destroying” or breaking through obstacles such as disease, hunger, high rents, climate change and even boredom!

  • The markets power innovators who will produce a COVID-19 vaccine and other life-saving medical treatments.
  • Between 1800-2010, the price of wheat fell more than 88%.
  • We spend almost a third of our waking hours relaxing with Netflix, Xbox and more.
  • Car designs such as the Toyota Prius have innovated to reduce carbon emissions.
  • While Seattle calls for rent control, cities such as Tokyo and Houston have kept the cost of housing low. What’s the solution? Free markets help destroy high rents.

This campaign has already made an impression on more than 3 million users on social media networks and those interactions are rising daily.

We encourage you to check out the campaign website or view the videos below to gain a better understanding of how a free market system benefits not only the retail industry but our communities.