Poll reveals mood and attitudes of Washington voters

Aug 5, 2021
Written by wpengine

More than half of Washington residents believe things will be getting better in their communities in the next year, according to a new Crosscut/Elway Poll. In every type of community, from large to small cities, suburbs, and small towns, residents said things were getting better, with the exception of rural communities, where only 43% expect things to improve in their communities.

Even more voters—61%—reported they expect things to get better in their own households. But the national outlook is not quite as bright, with only 46% indicating they expect things to get better.

Survey results show a dichotomy of progress. While 56% said their communities are making progress in their local economy and 46% are seeing progress in race relations, the majority are seeing a rise in crime (54%), with 67% indicating an increase in homelessness,

Of those surveyed about their political party identification, nearly half (46%) said they would not register as either Democrat or Republican if asked to choose a party today. Republican identification was merely 18%, 9 points lower on average than a decade ago. Democrat identification was down 4 points to 36% since last year.