Younger shoppers demand a clean digital shopping experience

Apr 29, 2021
Written by wpengine

Brand loyalty can be fleeting among younger digital shoppers, a new survey has found.

Many in their late teens and early 20’s in Generation Z began shopping online during the pandemic. Nearly two-thirds of the more than 1,000 “digital natives” surveyed said they hope to continue buying almost everything online with their computers or phones.

But the shopping experience retailers provide needs to be smooth.

The survey’s main findings:

  • Loyalty is a one-way street: Retailers have little room for error on their websites. Sixty-two percent of those surveyed were unwilling to give a retailer a second chance if they were frustrated with an online site.
  • If an online store is out of stock, 74% of those surveyed said they would move to shopping with another retailer.
  • A majority of 83% said it views online shopping as an experience rather than a transaction. Eighty percent say retailers able to deliver in less than 24 hours are appealing. Gen Z wants retailers to ensure that their websites work well on mobile devices, remember their preferences and provide personalized suggestions.

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