Advice from our partners on loyalty programs

Apr 29, 2021
Written by wpengine

Did you know that you can grow your store’s profits by earning shopper loyalty from just 5% of your customers?

That’s the kind of strategy our partners at SpotOn can help you achieve with their array of digital devices.

SpotOn has listed common mistakes to avoid if you’re starting or running a loyalty program. They include:

  • Moving beyond plastic loyalty cards with bar codes to digital products available through SpotOn
  • Going beyond rewarding the same rewards to all shoppers by using tiers that are more generous with your most long-term, loyal shoppers
  • Making sure your rules to qualify for gifts are easy to understand and don’t require math to figure them out
  • Not putting expiration dates on your loyalty points or changing the rules for qualifying. Both will likely discourage shoppers from participating.

You can learn more about SpotOn at your own pace by visiting the website where you can arrange free demonstrations, book a meeting with a consultant and read about the success stories of customers and the testimonials they’ve provided for public review.

Or, just call or email our contact, Patrick Wiltsey, Director of Business Development, at 303-835-3217 or [email protected].