WR’s free automotive safety app is growing in popularity

Feb 20, 2019
Written by wpengine

Washington Retail’s SAFEME app aimed at educating young and first-time employees about how to work safely is gaining acceptance.

Since its introduction five months ago, the new Automotive version has been used by hundreds of people in 40 states so far.  SAFEME Automotive was created to help younger workers understand hazards and safety practices in that industry.  A short video about the app is available here.

Studies show that workers age 16 to 20 sustain more on-the-job injuries per capita than older workers. WRA’s aim is to supplement, not replace, the legal requirement of employers to provide safety education and training.

The SAFEME app is available courtesy of a grant from Labor & Industries’ Safety and Health Investment Projects. It is available on the web and for Apple and Android smartphones. Click here to learn more about the Automotive app.