Safety tip of the week

Feb 20, 2019
Written by wpengine

Know the value of safety meetings

Why schedule regular safety meetings?

Because they show that management is serious about safety, not just giving it lip service.  They get employees involved in the safety process by increasing the number of eyes and brains engaged in safety.  Employees develop a sense of ownership in safety efforts. Such meetings also can give an early warning of unsafe conditions.

For example, take ten minutes and discuss the proper use of a tool or a proper way to use a ladder or any piece of equipment that your operation uses. Remember to log your topic and attendees in your safety binder so if you are ever audited by Labor & Industries you can show proof that you are actively promoting safety in the workplace.  Our Retro members receive Monthly Safety Packets, which are available here.  Another tool is RASI SafetyTV, which contains a variety of video topics to assist you with your safety meeting.

If you need more help, contact Rick Means, Washington Retail’s Safety Specialist, and he will be glad to help.

We can’t seem to say it enough. Holding regular safety meetings raises employees’ consciousness about the work they are performing and to take the time to do it correctly. Taking shortcuts can often lead to an accident.  Please add safety in some way to your regular store meetings, morning meetings, or other regularly scheduled meetings. A safe workplace is a more productive one.

There may be another benefit as well. We understand that some insurance companies may offer discounts if you have regular safety meetings and can prove it with documentation.  Please check with your insurance company to see if you could qualify for a premium discount.

WR employs Rick Means in part to help members draw up safety plans and to suggest topics for safety meetings. Contact him at 360-943-9198 x18, or [email protected].