WR seeks partners for a retail training program

Jan 29, 2020
Written by wpengine

Hiring employees with the soft skills and hard skills needed for the ever-evolving retail industry is a major challenge for retail employers. Washington Retail has identified an exciting venture to bring to Washington State to fill this gap. We invite employers and school districts to inquire about a program to train students on fundamental skills to start a career in retail.

RISE Up is a credentialed program through the National Retail Federation’s Foundation. It emphasizes honing soft skills such as customer service, problem solving and communication and hard skills such as marketing, basic business operations and safety.

Each of three training segments includes its own certification that makes applicants more competitive when seeking retail jobs. The program also promises to generate a new pool of talent better prepared to start retail careers. Learn more here.

Will you join us in creating a brighter future for an aspiring person’s career in retail? If so, contact Rose Gundersen, VP of Operations & Retail Services, at 360-200-6452 ([email protected]) or Rick Means, Director of Safety & Education, at 360-200-6454 ([email protected])