WR helps defeat bad national trade policy

Jan 28, 2021
Written by Mark Johnson, Senior Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs

WR is celebrating the withdrawal of a proposed national rule repealing the $800 value exemption on items imported and subject to tariffs – known as the de minimis 301 tariff rule.

This misguided and poorly conceived idea would have hurt many retailers that import products from overseas. Especially hard hit would have been smaller retailers that would have to raise prices to consumers to cover the huge tariffs. This in addition to the lasting impacts of the pandemic, with Washington retailers only allowed to operate at 25% capacity per state mandate, would have even further stymied many retailers trying to keep their doors open and hopefully make some semblance of a recovery.

WR joined with a large national coalition opposed to the repeal. We took part in numerous virtual meetings with members of Congress and their staffs to plead our case. Legislation and legal action were also considered – but thankfully not required.

WR strongly believes that a fair and open national trade policy is essential to the retail industry’s success and growth and will continue to advocate on our members’ behalf.