Auto dealers praise WR Retro program

Jan 28, 2021
Written by wpengine

The Washington State Motorsports Dealers Association knows and appreciates the value of Washington Retail’s Retro program that administers workers’ compensation cases for our Retro members.

Our experienced Retro claims team applies best practices to focus on workers’ recovery, return to work, and to earn a partial refund on insurance premiums.

Washington Retail is grateful for the Board of Directors of this affiliate association’s recent letter of appreciation for the program:

“Dealerships have reported that the annual refund check is an amazing aspect of the WSMDA’s Retro program managed by Washington Retail Association. When was the last time you saw a refund from the state-managed L&I program?

It isn’t just about the refunds, but maybe even more so, eliminating the hassles of overseeing and managing abuses to the state L&I program.

It takes the onus off the dealership in deciding the veracity of claims as well as ongoing long-term disability and claims monitoring.”

Over the years many dealerships have experienced questionable claims of work-related injuries and/or instances where abuse of injury claims occurred when recovery had already taken place. No dealer wants to deny a deserving employee of a work-related injury claim. However, it negatively impacts the dealership and all employees when L&I claims are overpaid or extended beyond reason.

Due to Covid-19 issues, we can all expect increases for unemployment and L&I premiums – among others. Anything we do to reduce and control any expense in the future will be critical for dealerships.

WSMDA has had the RETRO program in place for many years and the rewards are enormous – as well as the peace of mind.”

Signed by Directors Vicki Gray – South Sound Honda; John Jabusch of Pro Caliber Motorsports; Dan Denchel of Desert Powersports; and Jim Boltz, President of Cycle Barn, Incorporated. Contact WSMDA at 425-359-7701

For more information about the Retro program, contact Terry Hopsecger, Director of Business Development, at 360-200-6453 or [email protected].