What we are tracking — WR Legislative Hot List

Feb 29, 2024
Written by WR Communications

Artificial Intelligence Bills (SB 5838

  • Progress: Senate version heard in House Consumer Protection Committee Feb 20.
  • WR’s Stance: More information is needed before the state begins regulating. Supports retail inclusion in a task force, seeks timeline extension; high-priority concerns. A national solution would be preferable.
  • Status: In House Rules waiting for vote. Retail now included in task force.

 Gift certificates as unclaimed property (HB 2095/SB 5988

  • Progress: WR proposed amendment which was successful and stricken from the budget
  • Status: Failed to be voted on. Not likely to be further considered.

 Unemployment Insurance (UI) for Striking Workers (HB 1893)  

  • Allows for striking workers to collect unemployment insurance benefits
  • WR is opposed to this bill
  • Status: On Senate floor calendar waiting for a vote.

 Retail workforce workgroup (SB 6296

  • Objective: Establish retail workgroup to promote training opportunities
  • WR supports this bill
  • Status: On House Calendar – waiting for a vote.

 Incentives for Return to Work (SB 5368) (HB 2127)  

  • Changes: SB 5368 allows small businesses to partner with local nonprofits to provide light-duty return-to-work opportunities; HB 2127 increases the reimbursement rate for businesses that provide a light-duty return-to-work opportunity for an injured worker.
  • WR supports these bills
  • Status: SB 5368 passed Senate 44-4 but failed to pass the House Labor and Workplace Standards Committee by 2/22. HB 2127 passed House 97-0; Public hearing in Senate Labor and Commerce committee on 2/15 and passed by Committee on 2/19 and in Senate Rules waiting for a vote.

 Repeat Offenders (SB 5056

  • Proposal: Allows court to sentence a habitual property offender to an additional 24 months for a Class B felony, and an additional 12 months for a Class C felony
  • WR supports this bill
  • Status: Executive session was scheduled, but no action was taken in the House Committee on Community Safety, Justice, & Reentry Feb 20.

 Multiple Accomplices (HB 5160

  • Changes: A person commits second-degree organized retail theft if they—along with at least two accomplices—enter the store within five minutes of each other, and steal property worth $750 or more from a retail store.
  • WR supports this bill
  • Status: unanimously passed out of the Senate and was scheduled for a public hearing and executive session in the House Community Safety, Justice, & Reentry Committee. Failed to proceed.



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