A.I. task force legislation advances 

Feb 29, 2024
Written by WR Communications

At the request of the Attorney General and prime sponsored by Senator Joe Nguyen (D-34), SB 5838 aims to establish an artificial intelligence task force. The proposed task force would assess uses and trends and offer recommendations to the legislature on the governance and application of artificial intelligence and generative AI technologies.

Since the introduction of SB 5838this session, the composition of the proposed AI task force has undergone substantial changes, particularly with a noticeable reduction in representation from the business sector.

WR has proactively advocated for the inclusion of the retail industry within the task force. This includes delivering testimony at public hearings, engaging in strategic meetings with lawmakers, and ongoing dialogues with the Attorney General’s office.

These efforts were instrumental in the adoption of an amendment by the House Appropriations committee during the bill’s executive session on February 26, which secured a place for the retail sector in the task force.

Special acknowledgement goes to Representative Travis Couture (R-35) for his pivotal role in ensuring a more balanced and inclusive task force composition.



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