Washington State launches Battery Stewardship Program for enhanced recycling 

Mar 21, 2024
Written by WR Communications

Washington State is poised to implement a Battery Stewardship Program starting January 1, 2027, mandating producers to participate in approved recycling plans under Chapter 70A.555 RCW. The Department of Ecology (Ecology) has initiated rulemaking for Chapter 173-905 WAC to provide clear directives for compliance.

Ecology’s rulemaking covers defining terms, outlining plan prerequisites, setting reporting standards, determining program fees, and establishing performance benchmarks. The program aims to standardize battery recycling efforts and increase opportunities statewide.

Encompassing various battery types, from small button cells to rechargeable ones, the program aims to boost recycling rates significantly. However, certain categories like medical device batteries are excluded.

Environmental justice is central, with Ecology conducting an Environmental Justice Assessment (EJA) in line with regulations. Public feedback will be sought before finalization.

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Rulemaking webpage

Battery stewardship webpage


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