Tips for retail success during the holiday season

Nov 12, 2020
Written by wpengine

With holiday shopping now well underway, it’s important for retailers to remember the fundamental strategies to ensure a successful year. Many small businesses generate up to 40% of their annual income during this time of year.

Retail consultant Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor, shared strategies for success in a recent blog.

Here’s a summary

  • Train everyone including seasonal hires to properly greet shoppers, sell and watch for shoplifting. Remember that December is the costliest month for shrinkage for retailers.
  • Set schedules to your busiest times so that customers don’t have wait long for service.
  • Hold 5-minute huddles with your staff before each shift to review service standards.
  • Keep your website current. A site with summer photos during the cold weather season can leave a bad impression.
  • Know what you’re promoting each week of the holiday season. Phibbs has a list of promotion suggestions.
  • Schedule your social media posts so you don’t go too long without an update.
  • Something as simple as stringing lights reminds customer to be merry in spite of COVID-19.

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