Store appearance still matters during the pandemic

Oct 1, 2020
Written by wpengine

Retail consultant Bob Phibbs has advice for stores working overtime to attract customers during the pandemic: don’t forsake the basics that attract shoppers.

Put another way, the Retail Doctor means not leaning too much on the new sales techniques of the coronavirus pandemic such as parking lot pickups after online orders or buying online for pickup in the store (BOPIS). Neither method encourages enough shoppers to dwell inside a store, he writes.

Here’s a quick summary of Phibbs’ advice from one of his blogs;

  • The pandemic means there is even a greater urgency for exceptional store upkeep and displays.
  • Your windows need to communicate exactly what merchandise is available inside regarding clothing, sport, hobby or home goods.
  • Emphasize safety: require social distancing, have plexiglass separations between cashier and shopper, sanitizing and masks.
  • If possible, hire security at the front door to enforce zero tolerance for customers entering without facial covering. Research shows that coverings helps reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Don’t overdo your windows with clutter of all that you have for sale inside. Windows that are too busy are more likely to confuse or make shoppers weary rather than coaxing them inside with an uncomplicated, inviting display of merchandise that has pulling power to the inside of the store.