SpotOn invoicing for your business

Feb 25, 2021
Written by wpengine

Article courtesy of our partners at SpotOn

SpotOn is proud to announce SpotOn Invoicing, a new feature in our web-based Virtual Terminal. SpotOn Invoicing enables you to create and edit invoices, send them on-the-go, get paid fast, and track your business performance. While the Virtual Terminal already allowed you to accept credit card payments using internet-connected computers, our new feature provides you with the ability to simplify the correction process, send customized emails and reminders to your customers, and make invoice adjustments and edits. It is a quick, simple, and professional way to receive payments.

Creating an Invoice as Easy as 1, 2, 3

SpotOn Invoicing is here to help you get paid faster and easier. To create an invoice, simply input your dollar amount and a description of the item (price, name, quantity, & taxes), address the invoice to your customer, and schedule a time for it to be sent out! We understand that your business is special and your invoices are particular, which is why we added features like the ability to customize the invoice by adding business details, apply discounts, create a custom message, preview the invoice before it’s sent, and duplicate an existing invoice. You can also access your existing customer accounts in the SpotOn Dashboard, so there’s no need to import new clients or ask for customer information. With invoicing through the SpotOn Virtual Terminal, you can ensure professionalism and an outstanding payment solution.

Receiving Deposits & Payments as Quick as 3, 2, 1

You can also take deposits and payments with SpotOn Invoicing. All you have to do is receive the deposit for an invoice and mark it as paid or outstanding, send a payment portal link to your customer, and get paid! We also provide other important features like taking partial and full payments, sending a receipt for every invoice payment, viewing invoice records, editing a draft or sent message, and canceling, deleting, or archiving an invoice. Our invoicing software is made to help you get paid in an effortless and efficient manner.

Edit & Adjust Your Invoices

With our new feature, you are in charge of reviewing and adjusting your invoices. You have access to all of your business’s invoice information, including date created, customer name, ID, title, status, and amount. Have trouble finding a specific invoice? You can sort your history by outstanding and paid, by date, status, and customer name. You can also edit your sent and drafted invoices. With SpotOn Invoicing, you get paid the way you want to.

Your Customers Pay Easily From Their Email

Once your invoice is created, it’s emailed to your customer, who can then pay the invoice on the web or via the mobile payment portal. To keep your customers updated, you can set automatic reminders and sort overdue payments, so you spend less time calling customers and more time getting paid. You can customize your reminders by including a personalized message, setting a send date/time, sending multiple reminders, and by resending invoices and late notices. We understand how important it is to maintain customer relationships—that’s why you are in control of your invoicing communication.

Track Your Business Performance

When your transaction history is spread across multiple apps, it can be difficult to effectively review your business performance, missed payments, or important tax information. With SpotOn Invoicing, you can easily track your business performance from your SpotOn Dashboard. You can see your sales reports, invoicing history, transaction history, and more essential reporting information all in one place. You can then use this easy-to-access data in your Dashboard to make more informed decisions for your business. SpotOn Invoicing can help you improve and grow your business from one, easily accessible platform.

SpotOn Invoicing is included automatically at no extra cost for all businesses that process payments with SpotOn. If you are already a SpotOn client, simply log in to your SpotOn Dashboard and select Virtual Terminal from the menu to get started with invoicing.

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