Show your staff how to embrace sales

Feb 25, 2021
Written by wpengine

The Retail Doctor Bob Phibbs’ recent blog includes some very important basic advice on increasing sales at your store.

In a nutshell, he shares how to develop the art of selling with your staff rather than the cold act of ringing up whatever sales happen to come along.

It boils down to a three-step process: first build rapport with the customer; present your merchandise with complete knowledge of its features; then work to close the sale. Put another way, end with a close, don’t start with it. Put yet another way, sales should ideally be something you do with someone, not something you do to them. For example, instead of hanging guitars on the wall of your music store, allow customers to take them down and play them.

That switch in mental approach and attitude can make a real difference in converting hard-earned visits to sales, Phibbs maintains.

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