SAFEME Automotive hits the road

May 8, 2019
Written by wpengine

Safety Specialist Rick Means has been on the road in recent days to display the free SAFEME Automotive app to potential users and members.

Rick accompanied CEO Renée Sunde and Mark Johnson, Senior VP of Policy and Government Affairs, to meet with Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce members. Rick explained how WR’s latest safety app communicates safety training tailored to people who perform vehicle service and repair. The app rewards the user with a training certificate if they pass a quiz that follows the training.

Sunde spoke about the current health of the retail industry including emerging trends. Johnson reviewed outcomes from the 2019 legislative session on bills related to retailers.

Rick then took SAFEME Automotive to Ellensburg for a meeting of the American Society of Safety Professionals conference. This networking opportunity can help spread the word about SAFEME to new users. Click here for more information about this free app.