Retail Services hears refresher presentation on claims and other services

May 8, 2019
Written by Rose Gundersen, VP of Operations & Retail Services

In addition to our strong legislative advocacy work, Washington Retail also owes its reputation to the seasoned and knowledgeable Member Services team.  Our team’s depth of knowledge of Workplace Safety, Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Claims Management comes from decades of experience.

This week, we were fortunate to have two Labor & Industries experts visit with our staff to provide a “Refresher on Claims’ Impact on Premiums & Refunds.”

Bobbie Hanna, L&I’s Risk Management Trainer and Alicia Milani, L&I’s Retro Financial Incentive Coordinator were the guest experts extraordinaire. Their insight and knowledge regarding Risk Management and the financial impact of Claims Management on members’ premiums is always a reminder of the important work our team provides for our members every day.

The RETRO Team’s dedication to the success of the RETRO program is ongoing whether it be by taking refresher courses, new training, working to lower members experience factors or working diligently to reduce their premiums. This work is for the members with the caveat being a group refund.

The goal is always to be trustworthy, knowledgeable, approachable and to offer services to members that affect their bottom line.