Retail trends of 2020 outlined

Jul 16, 2020
Written by wpengine

Certain retail trends appear to be building enough momentum to be long-lasting, coronavirus or not.

Heading into this year, the digital marketing firm Tinuiti listed 15 retail trends to watch this year. Because of its mission, Tinuiti’s observations are technology-oriented but few can deny that modern technology is driving many of the most recent evolutions in how retailers market and how their customers shop.

Here are some of the major new trends outlined in a forward-looking Tinuiti post:

  • Former digital-only companies opening physical stores. Among those cited as examples were the eyeglass retailer Warby Parker. Heading into the year, digital companies were predicted to open 850 physical stores over the next five years.
  • Increased use of augmented reality. Companies such as Target, Lowes and Amazon have launched AR to provide features that allow shoppers to picture furniture in their homes before they buy it.
  • Same-day delivery. Amazon began by offering its Prime customers two-day guaranteed delivery. Over time, customers have increasingly been stretching online companies to keep up with possessing something the same day as in a physical store.
  • Social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest now are offering options to buy desirable items.
  • The trend toward ethical and value-based brands. Customers are increasingly examining whether companies are transparent enough and have no policies or beliefs with which they disagree.

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