Preparing for the next wave of COVID-19

Nov 3, 2022
Written by WR Communications

As the holidays approach, so does the respiratory virus season. With in-person work and gatherings of friends and families, bolstering protection against flu and COVID variants is vital.

Reports of increased flu cases and hospitalizations are due in part to a low flu season over the past years as people stayed home and masked when in public. “All of our immunity is down,” said CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky during a U.S. Chamber of Commerce virtual presentation this week. “The most important thing you can do for both COVID and for flu is prevention, so getting your COVID-19 vaccine, getting your influenza vaccine—both critically important in terms of prevention.”

Vaccines reduce the severity of illness and death for both the flu and COVID. Without reducing their severity in our communities, a wave of cases could easily overwhelm hospitals that are both short on beds and experiencing healthcare worker shortages.

Walensky suggests that businesses should encourage their employees to get vaccinated and ensure workplaces have good ventilation systems to help filter out viruses.

Businesses can find educational resources on the Infectious Disease Society of America and CDC websites.


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