COVID restrictions have ended for retailers

Nov 3, 2022
Written by WR Communications

The declaration of the statewide COVID-19 emergency originally enacted on February 29, 2020 has officially ended. Restrictions on retailers and many other businesses in Washington were lifted on October 31. Governor Inslee made the announcement last month and retailers can now prepare for a return to a more normal holiday shopping season this year.

Here are links to the specific proclamations that ended on October 31:

  • 20-05.1 – Terminating the COVID-19 State of Emergency
  • 20-25.20 – “Washington Ready” Termination of Emergency Proclamation
  • 21-14.6 – COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement Termination of Emergency Order
  • 21-08.2 – Safe Workers Terminating Emergency Proclamation
  • 20-83.3 – Restrictions on Travelers Termination of Emergency Proclamation
  • 20-64.6 – Public Records Act – Contact Tracing — Personal Information Termination of Emergency Proclamation
  • 20-43.11 – Office of Financial Management, State Human Resources Division – Annual Leave and Pay Procedures Termination of Emergency Proclamation
  • 20-78.1 – Safeguarding Public Trust and Stability in Local Health Jurisdictions Terminating Emergency Proclamation
  • 20-09.5 – K-12 Schools Termination of Emergency Order
  • 20-12.6 – Higher Education Termination of Emergency Proclamation
  • 21-05.2 – Children and Youth Mental Health Crisis Termination of Emergency Proclamation

The national emergency declaration is one made by the President of the United States, and as of now, the President’s national emergency declaration is not set to expire until March 2023. The HELSA emergency rules, however, will remain in place after October 31. The emergency rules are in effect when there is a “public health emergency” for an infectious or contagious disease at the state or national level.


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