Meetings with Seattle retail businesses

Feb 11, 2020
Written by wpengine

Washington Retail invites Seattle’s small businesses to consider joining us for informal roundtables to talk about issues that impact your businesses.

Rose Gundersen, VP of Operations and Retail Services, has been traveling around the state for roundtables to learn the concerns of small business owners and how Washington Retail might be able to help. Korean business leaders, for example, who attended a Federal Way roundtable this year later testified at the State Legislature to express their concerns about a bill that would mandate employee scheduling practices.

Seattle businesses face a host of challenges related to homelessness, parking, transportation, and crime. In addition, city regulations have added to the cost and complexity of doing business in Seattle.

If you are interested in attending a meeting or have suggestions on where to gather, please contact Rose Gundersen at 360-200-6452 ([email protected]) or John Engber, Director of the Retail Industry Coalition of Seattle, at 206-850-5517 ([email protected]).