Malls are bouncing back and evolving

Aug 12, 2021
Written by wpengine

The pandemic impacted some retail sectors harder than others, but shopping malls were hit especially hard. The good news is that malls are bouncing back much quicker than expected.

Washington State’s economy has generally been robust in its recovery compared to the nation as a whole, and our shopping malls have shared in rebounding in-store sales. In areas of the country experiencing a decline in mall shopping, some malls aren’t taking it lying down. They are changing the narrative.

The highlight of shopping at the local mall used to be a trip to the food court, but some malls and their retail tenants are adapting and learning to evolve—enhancing the shopper’s experience.

Some malls are creating a hybrid of online and in-person shopping, using their retail space to create unique destination experiences and something better than sitting on the couch shopping on a laptop.

Malls are diversifying. Some have added grocery stores and residential spaces, while others offer experiences such as climbing walls and indoor skating rinks. Shoppers now have the option of a fun getaway that online shopping can’t match.