Make your store ready for smartphone shoppers

Feb 5, 2020
Written by wpengine

More customers than ever are entering stores having done research ahead of time on their smartphones. Many retailers fear the trend of “showrooming” when someone uses their phone to see if a competitor is selling the same item as you for a lower price.

Google shared some tips on how to better prepare and retain customers who may be showrooming your store.

Here goes:

  • Make it easy for shoppers to find answers before they get to your store. You can start by including a full list of inventory on your website.
  • Focus on yourself, not your competitors. While comparison shopping is happening, Google maintains that shoppers also are online to find out information about your store brand. Make sure they get the whole story.
  • Empower the in-store shopper. Google notes that the demand for language translation help is quickly growing. In-store searches for Google Translate are climbing every year. Customers also are watching video reviews on products before they arrive. This presents your staff with an opportunity to provide quick and meaningful assistance to customers.
  • Upgrade the in-store experience. Smartphone users in your store are also doing other things such as shopping for nearby restaurants and checking the weather and social networks. Savvy marketers are taking advantage of these insights by investing in “experiential retail” that gives shoppers reasons to linger and invest more time in their stores.

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