Legislature reaches a deadline for Senate, House action on bills

Feb 20, 2020
Written by wpengine

The Legislature this week reached its third deadline on Wednesday. It was the deadline for the House and Senate to take final action on bills that originated in either house.

Those that lawmakers approved have advanced to the opposite house for further consideration. The session is scheduled to adjourn on March 12.

Washington Retail is monitoring several retail-related bills. Here’s a summary of some of the key considerations:

  • Senate Bill 6281, House Bill 2742 – consumer data privacy. The Senate passed its bill, 46 to 1 with two excused. SB 6281 is a bill Washington Retail has been supporting to share responsibility private consumer data in online purchases. The House has introduced a companion bill that was awaiting further action.
  • The Senate passed Senate Bill 6182 by 46 to 0 vote, with three absent, requiring one television set in a retail setting to be showing closed captioning. The bill advanced to the House for further consideration.
  • By a 30 to 19 vote, the Senate passed SB 5323 calling for a statewide ban on plastic shopping bags. It now goes to the House for a committee hearing.
  • House Bill 2496 calling for the establishment of a lithium battery recycling program has failed to move out of a Committee on Environment & Energy.
  • Senate Bill 5717 has failed to move out of a Committee on Labor & Commerce. It calls for statewide mandated scheduling practices for retailers. Its companion, House Bill 1491, also has failed to be approved by a committee.
  • Senate Bill 6104 has failed to pass out of a Committee on Labor & Commerce. It calls for allowing limited liquor licenses to stores smaller than 10,000 square feet.
  • House Bill 1159 failed to move forward on Wednesday. It would have allowed store security and law enforcement to question shoppers known to be hiding merchandise before leaving the store. A total of 36 other states currently allow the practice. WR supported the bill.
  • By a 45 to 2 vote, the Senate passed SB 6440 that would severely limit the use of independent medical examinations for workers’ compensation claims. Washington Retail opposes the bill.

Look for followup reports on these and other bills as they await possible further action following the crossover from Senate action to the House and vice versa.