Employer survey shows strong concerns over vaccine mandate

Nov 18, 2021
Written by wpengine

In a recent survey, WR members shared insights on the current state of their staffing for the holidays and the impacts that Biden’s vaccine mandate would have on their workforce. Of the members responding to the survey, 75% employed less than 100 employees.

Respondents were asked if Washington State were to require every employee to get vaccinated, 13% believed nine out of ten of their employees would not get vaccinated, while 57% felt at least four out of five would comply.

Two-thirds of members believed it would be very important for employees to have the option of weekly testing in lieu of vaccination.

Four out of five members indicated they were looking to hire less than ten employees for the holidays of which a quarter of respondents say they plan to transition those workers into full-time positions. Two-thirds have had staffing levels of over 75% capacity in recent weeks.