Democrats retain majorities in state Senate, House

Nov 5, 2020
Written by Mark Johnson, Senior Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs

With record setting voter turnout Washington State has selected its political leaders for the next several years.

On the federal front there’s not much change with the exception of a new Congresswoman in the 10th District – Marilyn Strickland. Congratulations!

At the Capital, Governor Jay Inslee won a third four-year term. All the remaining four year statewide elected officials were on a path to re-election with the exception of newly elected Lt. Governor Denny Heck and Treasurer Duane Davidson who was trailing his opponent as of this writing.

In the State Senate, where members serve 4-year terms with no term limits, there will likely be several new faces:

  • In the 5thDistrict, challenger Ingrid Anderson was ahead of incumbent Mark Mullet.
  • In the 10thDistrict, Helen Price Johnson was outpolling appointed incumbent Ron Muzzall.
  • In the 28thDistrict, incumbent Senator Steve O’Ban was losing to political newcomer T’wina Nobles.
  • In the 19thDistrict, incumbent Dean Takko was trailing challenger Jeff Wilson. If the trends hold, that would mean 29 Democrats and 21 Republicans.

In the State House, where members serve 2-year terms with no term limits, a number of new members also will be welcomed.

A few highlights:

  • In the 10thDistrict, Angie Homola is leading in early returns.
  • In the 11thincumbent Zack Hudgins was beaten by David Hackney.
  • Incumbent Vicki Kraft was trailing challenger Tanisha Harris in District 17.
  • Joel McEntire was ahead of 19thDistrict incumbent Brian Blake.
  • In the 23rdDistrict open seat, Tarra Simmons won election. Liz Berry is the new Rep. from the 36th District; Kirsten Harris-Talley will be representing District 37; appointed incumbent Emily Wicks will be returning to represent District 38; and incumbent 42nd District Rep. Luanne Van Werven was trailing challenger Alicia Rule. If these numbers hold, Democrats would control 59 seats to Republicans’ 40 seats.

With all of this said – there are still many ballots to count. Washington is an entirely vote-by-mail state – we have been for years. So, some of the closer races could change direction. Stay tuned.

Whichever candidates win, WR looks forward to building a strong working relationship to help protect and improve the retail industry.

Follow election results as they are updated by the Secretary of State here.