Council considers relaxed rules for home-based businesses

Mar 3, 2021
Written by wpengine

Regulations for home-based businesses would be relaxed under a bill introduced in the Seattle City Council.

The sponsors say it would make it easier for some small businesses to survive the coronavirus pandemic. Councilmembers Dan Strauss and Lorena Gonzalez introduced the legislation.

For the duration of the pandemic, the legislation would suspend four current rules that limit home-based businesses.

  • Customer visits by appointment only.
  • No visible evidence outside that a business operates inside.
  • No more than two persons who are not residents of the building can work at the business.
  • The business can’t cause “a substantial increase in on-street parking congestion or a substantial increase in traffic within the immediate vicinity.”

The Puget Sound Business Journal reports that home-based businesses would be allowed to operate in a house’s off-street parking stall or garage and have one non-illuminated sign not larger than 720 square inches, or a sign 3 feet long and 20 inches tall.

A vote on the idea is expected by the full council on March 15.

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