Cost of carbon tax estimated in Policy Center blog

Mar 14, 2019
Written by wpengine

The Washington Legislature has been considering a carbon and gas tax package that would reintroduce consumer costs that voters rejected last November, according to a Washington Policy Center blog post.

The bill in question is HB 5971 that would add three energy taxes for consumers. They include taxes on motor fuels, a gas tax and tax on home heating and electricity, according to author Todd Myers, Director of the Center for the Environment.

He estimates that the additional taxes could cost consumers between $207 and $280 a year, depending on where in Washington they live and what kinds of vehicles they drive. He noted that voters rejected Initiative 1631 last November by 14 percentage points. It called for a 13 cent a gallon gas tax.

The House bill would add 19 cents to a gallon of gas, Myers writes. Washington Retail opposes the carbon tax, in part, because it would add transportation costs for retailers on shipments and deliveries.

This week, the bill was in the House Ways and Means Committee awaiting possible further action today. Because it is related to budget adoption, it could remain under consideration until the scheduled adjournment of the 2019 Legislative Session on April 28.