Businesses warn against excessive state spending

Feb 27, 2019
Written by wpengine

A statewide business coalition known as Opportunity Washington is warning the state Legislature to adopt a sustainable budget to ensure financial stability in the face of predictions of an economic slowdown.

A website posting refers to expected new tax proposals by the Democrat majorities in the House and Senate including a capital gains tax, expanded health care and education programs and increased spending for social programs.

Washington Retail is a partner in Opportunity Washington, founded in 2000 to draw attention to critical issues and support policies that foster prosperity for citizens, families and employers.

The website notes a 44 percent increase in state spending since 2008. Governor Inslee has proposed an additional 22.3 percent spending increase in his budget proposal, a spending rate that far exceeds most states. At the same time, many economists now are warning of a national recession in the next two years. Read more.