Consumer & Business Practices

A package of bills targeting existing gift card laws was introduced in both the House and Senate.

Gift Card as Unclaimed Property: HB 2095 & SB 5988 Would require certain businesses that sell gift cards to remit any unused gift card balances to the Department of Revenue’s Unclaimed Property Fund.

WR strongly opposes the legislation because current law is favorable to consuåçmers. The passage of this bill would create significant challenges to implement properly.


Gift Card Practices: HB 2094 & SB 5987 Would raise the “cash-out” limit on gift cards from $5 to $50. It would also Remove minimum reload amounts on reloadable gift cards and define rewards programs as gift cards.

WR opposes the bill in large part because the “cash-out” limit would increase the risk of organized retail crime and turn businesses into ATMs.