Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been identified as a priority issue of the majority caucus in both the House and Senate. Over the interim, WR has participated in AI stakeholder meetings with legislators and the Attorney General’s Office.

AI Task Force: SB 5838 & HB 1934 Would establish a taskforce comprised of public and private sector organizations from a mix of industry.

This affects retailers because AI use in business continues to increase as the technology advances.

WR supports this bill with concerns. WR is asking to specifically be identified as the retail participant and for the timeline of the task force is extended.


Autonomous Decision-Making Tools: HB 1951 Would require assessments of AI tools used in consequential decision making to ensure the deployers of tools are preventing algorithmic bias discrimination.

WR is opposed to the state legislating an emerging technology and believes this requires a solution at the national level.