Your store should look cheery soon, if not now

Nov 19, 2020
Written by wpengine

Don’t overlook your store’s holiday decorations as a lure to prompting shoppers to buy, advises retail consultant Bob Phibbs.

He puts it very plainly in a recent blog including photos: your store shouldn’t look on December 10 what it looked like on September 10.

“The return of colored lights is anticipated by young and old for a reason, it calms, inspires and makes us hopeful,” writes Phibbs.

Here are some of his do’s and don’ts for the holidays:

  • Get lights up in holiday colors and make sure your signage is current with the holiday season. Dated decorations are a turn off for shoppers trying to get in the holiday shopping spirit.
  • Smartphone obsessed, me-centric shoppers must be wowed by decorations to enter your store and shop.
  • Remember we’re in a pandemic. De-clutter your store to better focus shoppers’ attention on the new items you’re featuring for holiday sales.
  • Avoid pictures of holiday decorations. Buy the real thing and display it accordingly.
  • Discard torn, worn or just plain ugly decorations. You need to look new, fresh and inviting. When in doubt, throw it out.

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