You need to show these 11 posters at work

Apr 1, 2021
Written by wpengine

The State of Washington requires companies to have the following 11 posters available for employees to view at work. Please check what you have up now, noting the lower left/right corners to see what date they were published.

If they don’t match the current dates noted here, please print a new one and post it to remain in compliance. You can print a poster from the linked titles below. Otherwise, you can order them at no charge from the issuing agency.

Revision Date – Title with Link

Some cities such as Seattle and SeaTac have additional requirements.

A check for employee posters is on the list when Labor & Industries’ compliance officers visit your business. They also typically want to see your safety meeting logbook, Accident Prevention Program and Safety Data Sheets (for companies that work with chemicals).

WR employs Rick Means as Director of Safety and Education who is available to help members write safety plans and suggest topics for safety meetings. Contact him at 360-943-9198, Ext. 118 or [email protected].