WR’s Crystal Leatherman joins AI Task Force Executive Committee

Jun 25, 2024
Written by WR Communications

WR is pleased to announce the selection of Crystal Leatherman as the Retail Industry Representative on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Task Force Executive Committee. With over 3,500 member storefronts, WR represents the diverse landscape of Washington’s retail sector. Crystal, WR’s Local & State Government Affairs Manager, brings a wealth of expertise in AI, legislative analysis, and industry advocacy to her new role.

Crystal’s professional background includes successfully advocating for initiatives like SB 5838/HB 1934 during the 2024 legislative session, demonstrating the need for a well-balanced executive committee. Her experience extends to data governance coordination at the Department of Children, Youth, and Family, and grassroots coordination at the Washington State Auto Dealers Association.

As WR’s AI policy lead, Crystal has facilitated internal workgroups, monitored AI legislation nationally and globally, and engaged in AI-related educational programs. Her commitment to diversity and equity is evident through her work on organizational transformation projects and her advocacy for underrepresented groups.

With a master’s in public administration & public policy and a background in political science and communications, Crystal is well-equipped to advocate for the retail sector’s interests on the AI Task Force Executive Committee. Her selection underscores WR’s commitment to ensuring the retail industry’s voice is heard in AI policy discussions.


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