WR supports human trafficking legislation with nexus to organized retail crime

Mar 28, 2024
Written by WR Communications

WR joined Senator Manka Dhingra(D-45) Chair of the Senate Law and Justice Committee and prime sponsor for the Governor’s signing of 2SSB 6006.

WR’s support of this anti-trafficking legislation is rooted in its known nexus to organized retail crime (ORC). The three essential elements of human trafficking are recruitment, force/fraud/coercion, and receiving benefits financially or anything of value. According to the Department of Homeland Security and Loss Prevention experts, there is a clear link between ORC and human trafficking.

The ORC ecosystem varies enormously when it comes to the scale of operations. Boosters are the people who steal products intending to resell them. Fencers are those who recruit boosters, and receive/buy stolen goods with organized operations to resell them to unsuspecting buyers – often on the internet. Boosters are often individuals looking for a quick fix to get by for the day or in some instances are victims of human trafficking.

2SSB 6006 includes provisions to allow human trafficking victims to file for civil remedies for human trafficking under the Criminal Profiteering Act and to receive benefits under the Crime Victims Compensation Act.

This bipartisan legislation will help to protect vulnerable human trafficking victims. WR is committed to employing a multi-pronged approach to protect retail workers, customers, and retailers.



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