WR rebrand means a new name for the weekly newsletter

Jan 31, 2019
Written by WR Communications

Washington Retail’s weekly e-newsletter has gone by the name Washington Information Network (WIN) for more than the past decade.

As part of the unveiling of our new association brand in a few days, the Washington Retail staff also thought it might be time to pick a new newsletter name that more clearly queue’s readers into its content. Starting with next week’s edition, the WIN of old becomes Inside Washington Retail.

Inside Washington Retail will include stories that readers interested in retail really can’t find in mainstream media. When the name Inside Washington Retail pops up as a subject line in people’s in baskets, we’re confident that more readers will have a better clue about the content before they open the email.

Besides the new name, the newsletter will look a little different and the content will evolve with new ideas as the year rolls on. We’ll also be adding Inside Retail Services, a monthly e-newsletter for our for-profit subsidiary, and Inside Seattle Retail, a new monthly for our Retail Industry Coalition of Seattle.