WR provides simplified path for businesses to offer employee 401K plan

Feb 17, 2022
Written by WR Communications

The overwhelming number of steps employers must take to develop and offer a 401K retirement program can be mind-boggling. When undertaking the process, many employers give up from the experience and sheer anxiety of it all. There is good news, however.

WR is proud to announce that we have worked with Lincoln Financial Group and the Alliance of Sate Retail Association to offer businesses a streamlined path to providing employers a 401K plan for their employees.

Through their membership with WR, businesses are eligible to join our Multiple Provider Plan (MEP) — a qualified retirement plan adopted by multiple employers with one organization acting as the lead sponsor. One of the many benefits of joining WR’s MEP is that most companies reduce plan management costs by outsourcing many of the responsibilities required to run a plan.

To learn more about WR’s MEP, use this link.