WR President/CEO to serve on Washington Research Council Executive Committee

Dec 21, 2023
Written by WR Communications


The Washington Research Council (WRC), an essential organization in shaping economic policy in Washington State, has announced its 2024 Executive Committee. Among the notable appointments is Renée Sunde, President and CEO of the Washington Retail Association, who brings her retail-related policy expertise to the Council.

The WRC, known for its nonpartisan economic research and policy analysis, has significantly supported economic vitality and private-sector job creation since 1954.

Sunde’s election to the Executive Committee is particularly noteworthy. Her background in the retail sector provides the Council with valuable insights into one of Washington’s key economic areas. Her role in the Washington Retail Association highlights her understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the retail industry, making her a vital asset to the WRC.

The 2024 Executive Committee is comprised of a diverse group of professionals, each bringing unique expertise and perspective to the Council. Here are the members:

  1. Gary Strannigan, Premera – Elected as the Chair of the Executive Committee, Gary is set to lead the Council with his extensive experience and knowledge.
  2. Neil Strege, Washington Roundtable – Serving as the Vice Chair, Neil represents the Washington Roundtable, bringing a wealth of experience in policy analysis and advocacy.
  3. Janet Kelly, PSE – As Secretary/Treasurer, Janet will be responsible for overseeing the financial and administrative aspects of the Council.
  4. Renée Sunde, Washington Retail Association – With her background in retail, Renée offers insights into one of the state’s key economic sectors.
  5. Susan Champlain, Boeing – As a committee member, Susan brings a global perspective and deep understanding of the aerospace and manufacturing sectors.
  6. Scott Edwards, Lane Powell – Representing Lane Powell, Scott adds legal expertise to the committee, which is crucial for understanding the regulatory landscape.
  7. Colleen Kerr, Microsoft – From the tech giant Microsoft, Colleen brings a tech-forward approach and understanding of the digital economy.
  8. John Rothlin, Avista – John contributes his knowledge of the energy sector, which is vital for discussions on sustainability and economic growth.
  9. Dan McGrady, PEMCO – Representing PEMCO, Dan adds expertise from the insurance industry, providing a perspective on risk management and financial stability.
  10. Dave Mastin, AWB – with his experience with the Association of Washington Business, Dave brings a broad understanding of the business community in Washington.


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