WR endorses five important initiatives

Feb 29, 2024
Written by WR Communications

WR has officially endorsed five important initiatives and has donated to the campaign to pass them.

In a historic first for the state, six initiatives qualified to be presented to the State Legislature for consideration:

  • I-2113: Reasonable Police Pursuits
  • I-2109: Repeal the Capital Gains Tax
  • I-2117: Stop the Hidden Gas Tax
  • I-2124: Opt Out of the Long-Term-Care Tax
  • I-2111: Banning State and Local Governments from Imposing an Income Tax
  • I-2081: Requiring Parental Notification

WR has endorsed the first five initiatives, all of which have significant impacts on retailers, their employees, and their customers. The Legislature has chosen to hear just three: Reasonable Police Pursuits, Banning State and Local Governments from Imposing an Income Tax, and Requiring Parental Notification. WR has expressed support for both I-2113 and I-2111. Over 5,000 citizens have signed in support of these measures, demonstrating significant public interest.

It remains uncertain whether the committees of jurisdiction and the entire Legislature will approve the three initiatives they heard. They have until March 7 to decide. If they take no action or vote no, the initiatives will be placed on the ballot in November for voters to decide.

The remaining three initiatives are slated for the November ballot automatically. Let’s Go Washington has launched a campaign to educate voters on supporting them, and WR has joined this effort.

These initiatives stem from several poor and damaging policy decisions made by the Legislature in recent years, directly impacting retailers, their employees, and their customers. WR is committed to working hard to see that all five endorsed initiatives are approved.



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