WR announces listening tour at Chamber Exec conference

Oct 2, 2019
Written by Mark Johnson, Senior Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs

Washington Retail last week announced a Small Retailer Roundtable Listening Tour during the annual Washington Chamber of Conferences Executives (WCCE) conference in Anacortes.

The program is expected to start late this month and conclude in June of next year. Our goal is to hear from small retailers across the state and learn about how WR can better serve both their policy and service needs.

Attending the conference on behalf of WR were President/CEO Renée Sunde, Vice President of Operations Rose Gundersen and myself.  There were chamber executives and staff from all over the state in attendance.

WR has long valued our close partnership with WCCE and its members.  We recognize the tremendous influence and sway local chambers and their members have at all levels of government.

Congratulations to the Anacortes Chamber for hosting an outstanding, productive and enjoyable event.